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Team change and transformation conversations

Team change and transformation conversations Helping teams think about structure and new ways of working “Jo brings a good level of imagination and positivity, woven into a...

Team strengths workshops

Team strengths workshops Helping teams understand and use their unique strengths “It’s amazing to see people reach a place where they understand each other better. It might be...

Leadership development sessions 

Leadership development sessionsConnecting and developing leaders“Jo makes the sessions a lot more purposeful and productive. She keeps them on-track whilst being creative,...

Leadership team strategy and planning days

Leadership team strategy and planning days Fostering alignment and collaboration“From our last workshop, I’ve seen a difference in the team which is so nice. I think that is the...

First Time Facilitator Podcast – FTF219: Jo Fitzgerald Shares How Deliberate Planning Creates Presence in Your Workshops

I recently had a great chat with Leanne Hughes from the First Time Facilitator podcast, talking about my approach to planning and facilitating workshops.

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