Helping people work better together today.


As a facilitator, my role is to help the groups I work with achieve the workshop outcomes that are important to them.

Strengths for teams

By recognising, understanding and investing in your talents they can become amazing strengths that help you achieve your most important goals.

Map your emotional culture

Talking about how we want to feel and don’t want to feel at work is a powerful way to create success in teams.

Comms and stakeholder engagement

Looking for communications and stakeholder management strategy and leadership?

Jo ‘on Call’

Like your very own 0800 Jo Fitz! Mentoring and advice as you need it.

Keep in touch with me through phone, voice memos or quick Zooms (or a combo) to help you with things as they pop up.

Connect for the time period suits your needs: 1, 2 or 3 months.


Are you running a team or group session yourself, but would love some expert help and ideas to plan something fantastic?

I can help you plan a great team meeting, planning workshop, development session, away day or any other type of group gathering.

Want to find out more about Jo Fitz?

Get in touch to talk about how I can help your team..


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Jo Fitzgerald