About Jo Fitz

Helping people work better together today.


I work with leaders and teams to help them understand themselves and each other better so they can find that magical thing that happens when different strengths and perspectives come together.

I’ve been a senior leader in the public sector working on big, hard, important programmes that aimed to make things better for people. Throughout my career I’ve always tried to work with other people by finding areas of agreement even when there may have seemed to be insurmountable disagreement.

That means I’m always learning and building new experience and skills in helping people work together better, which I share with the teams I’m fortunate enough to work with. All so they can develop and aim their self-awareness, passion and strengths towards the difference they want to make in the world.

Team strengths workshops - Helping teams understand and use their unique strengths

“It’s amazing to see people reach a place where they understand each other better. It might be someone they work with every day, but you can see them suddenly see each other in a different light – like a penny drop.”

Facilitation client

Team change and transformation - conversations Helping teams think about structure and new ways of working

“Jo brings a good level of imagination and positivity, woven into a well-structured facilitation session.

Facilitation client

Leadership development sessions - connecting and developing leaders

“Jo makes the sessions a lot more purposeful and productive. She keeps them on-track whilst being creative, interactive and fun.”

Facilitation client

Leadership team strategy and planning days - Fostering alignment and collaboration

“From our last workshop, I’ve seen a difference in the team which is so nice. I think that is the result of Jo’s approach and the environment that she has created allowing buy-in from the team.”

Facilitation client


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Jo Fitzgerald