Coaching Philosophy

I believe that everyone has natural talents that enable them to be incredibly successful in their career and in life.

By recognising, understanding and investing in your talents these can become amazing strengths which help you to set and achieve meaningful goals.

I’m passionate about working with people using strengths-based coaching to help them be the very best they can be. I love seeing people accepting new challenges, working more effectively in a team, taking their career to the next level, and feeling happier and more confident.

Individual Coaching

Through individual coaching, I support people to identify their natural talents, understand how these help them to be successful, and aim them at their goals.

You are in the driver’s seat and my role is to provide clarity, structure and tools to help you reach your destination.

One-on-one coaching sessions are usually for 60 minutes.

Team Coaching and Facilitation

Team coaching is all about helping teams maximise their effectiveness by understanding and utilising the talents of each team member.

Team days, where teams have the space and time to think, plan and develop together, are an important part of growing a strong and robust team culture. However, I believe that what makes the biggest difference to how teams develop and operate is what happens every day. That’s why my approach to team coaching is to work closely with the team manager/s to plan and deliver team coaching sessions. The net result is that the coaching sessions are more meaningful and helpful on the day and, most importantly, can be applied every day back at work.

Team coaching sessions can include:

  • Sharing individual strengths and what that means for how team members communicate and how they like to be communicated with
  • Working through the team talent profile to understand the team’s greatest strengths
  • Identifying how to apply team talents to achieve team priorities
  • Establishing principles for how the team wants to work together to bring out the best in each other and be absolutely successful
  • Fun interactive and creative activities!

Team coaching can also include coaching with individual team members before and/or after team sessions.

Sessions are tailored to suit the needs of the team and the manager so no two team coaching sessions are ever quite the same!