One of the things I talk with my coaching clients about is identifying the key people who provide them with support to be successful. I’ve heard this called lots of things: a support network, a tight circle, and I have one friend who calls it a board.  I like that approach because it makes it a bit more formal in the way you think about it.


We all have people that we rely on.  As part of their development and growth programme, I encourage my clients to write down the different types of support they need to be successful in their roles, and put people’s names next to each one.  Doing it this way gives people clarity on where they have great support and where they might need to build more in.


Have you thought about who’s on your board?  Who is the person you go to for trusted career advice, who’s the person that will tell you the honest truth when you need to hear it, who has experience in the type of work that you do and can give you tips when you need them, who is the person you can have that important glass of wine with and debrief confidentially?


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