My role is to help the groups I work with achieve the outcomes that are important to them.

I want to make a real and lasting difference to the people, groups and teams I work with – an impact that lasts well beyond our work together.

My approach to working with you
Workshops and team days, where teams have the space and time to think, plan and develop together, are an important part of growing a strong and robust team culture.

I believe that what makes the biggest difference to how teams develop and operate is what happens every day. That’s why my approach to planning and delivering workshops is to work closely with the team managers.

The net result is that the sessions are more meaningful and helpful on the day and, most importantly, what we cover can be applied every day.


Treating everyone with kindness in how we work together, listen to each other and support each other.


Creating spaces and environments where people feel safe to participate and be the self they need to be.


Bringing a positive, strengths-based lense to how we see ourselves and others. Assuming the best intentions. Focusing on our gifts, not our gaps.


Bringing a wondering approach to working with other people. Listening to understand people’s perspectives, and being open to difference.  Asking questions.  Being genuinely interested


Inviting and supporting everyone to take part.  Creating spaces for difference to be positively explored and celebrated.  Creating experiences that incorporate different communication styles, working styles and preferences.


Bringing enthusiasm and energy to group work and focusing that energy on where the group needs it to go.


Helping people and teams to create meaningful connections.  Finding the magic that happens when different people develop trusting working relationships that can be aimed in service of a great purpose they connect with.


Helping groups focus on the things that are most important, and the things they might not want to acknowledge.  Helping to create clarity in chaos or uncertainty


Supporting teams to achieve the outcomes that are important to them.  Creating workshops that inspire action and ways of working beyond the workshop session.


Bringing and encouraging fun in groups to help people relax, create energy, and help people see themselves and others in different ways.  Make the hard work enjoyable.


Bespoke meeting or workshop facilitation

Helping people have conversations that develop common understanding, solve tricky problems, create effective plans – and have some fun along the way!

Deepening Connections team workshop

Getting to know each other more deeply and understanding what we bring to the team and need so that we can be at our best. A chance too for a bit of fun to uncover our more hidden talents.

Celebration and reflection workshop

A space for teams to reflect on their achievements and learning (related to a project, programme or end of year wrap up), and set intentions for the next phase.

Introduction to strengths

Helping teams understand everyone’s talents, and how they can partner, work and lead together for great success.

Strengths and communication

Teams explore how their strengths influence the way they communicate and engage with others, and how to leverage their strengths to be curious and have exploring conversations.

Leveraging Strengths in change

Teams explore how to leverage their natural talents to lead and/or work though change well.

Mapping your emotional culture

Talking about how we want to feel and don’t want to feel at work is a powerful way to create success in teams.


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Jo Fitzgerald