I’ve had a couple of conversations in the past few weeks about how coaching can help people. 

I work with people who come to coaching for a whole range of reasons.  Some of them are working through a particular issue, some are thinking about their career development, some are deciding whether or not to take up an opportunity that’s presented itself to them, and some are just keen to learn more about themselves and to apply that in a more planned way in their work and lives.

Because people are aiming to achieve different things, the specific things we work through in coaching vary.  But there is a common theme – it’s all about you!  When you come to coaching you drive the process.  It’s very much about your goals, your talents, your development and your success.  As a coach I’m there to provide structure, feedback, support and strategies to help you succeed but what you choose to do with that is totally up to you!  The ball is in your court, or as Gallup says – you are in the driver’s seat.

It’s hard to believe we are more than half way through the year but there is still a lot of time left to set goals and achieve great things before Christmas comes around.  We’re all really good at setting goals at the beginning of the year but we’re not always great at sticking with them.  How about making time this winter to review and revise those goals and re-energise yourself for the next few months!